Some borrowers feel more comfortable using Brokers to arrange their financing, and we are not here to solicit your business if you are already in a contract with a registered Broker. We are, however, able to assist you directly as we are ourselves licensed to Broker on behalf of our Lenders. If you feel you have a comfortable understanding of your property and what you are looking for, feel free to give us a call to see if we can help put together a financing opportunity to need your needs.

As a preface, the information we will need to get started, follows:

  1. - property valuation: we will need a current third party appraisal in order to fund any deal, but we can get started with a simple property assessment report if you are not in possession of an appraisal report immediately
  2. - net worth statement of any borrowing or guaranteeing party
  3. - financial statements of any borrowing company
  4. - income and expense breakdown if the property is income producing
  5. - details of any previous financing that will remain in place ie. If you are looking for a second mortgage, we would need the principal amount, interest rate, payment amount and due date of your existing first mortgage.


With those details in hand we will have a strong idea if New City can offer you a financing solution, and other details if necessary may follow from there.

We make it a point in our practice to personally inspect every property we lend on. Inspection itself, depending on the property, usually requires ½ hour to an hour and is also a chance to meet in person before entering into the mortgage relationship.

When you call New City you will be speaking directly with a team member who will underwrite, inspect, and take your mortgage from proposal to funding. We also are the ones you contact after the mortgage has funded, with any questions, concerns or special requests, or even just to talk about what is happening today in the market. It is this personal service that has won us many happy repeat customers throughout BC and Alberta.

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